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Morning Skate: Jack of all trades

Probably not, folks.

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Buffalo Sabres Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday! Here we are.

The Bruins have another game-free day today, with a double-header with the Washington Capitals on tap.

The latest rumor going around the Bruinsphere: “The Bruins should trade for Jack Eichel!”

I don’t see it, frankly, but I think a lot of the chatter was spawned by an article in The Athletic by Fluto Shinzawa, the premise of which was basically that if Eichel were made available, the Bruins should be making the call.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that premise, but I’m not sure the Bruins have the assets to get that deal done.

As Fluto mentions, the ask would probably start with Charlie McAvoy (no) or David Pastrnak (also no). After that, the Bruins don’t have much else to offer.

Jack Studnicka isn’t enticing enough. Neither are Trent Frederic, Brandon Carlo, first-round picks, etc. I don’t see it happening.

But hey, it’s fun to speculate!

Today’s highlight

Hey, any Bruins-Sabres talk is a good time to show this highlight!

Today’s discussion topic

I suppose we all know where this is going, so...what would you give up for Eichel?