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2021 NCAA Women's Hockey Tournament: Championship Recap- Heartbroken Huskies

Trophy time. There is no more tomorrow, all that is left is putting it all on the line.

Northeastern Athletics/ Jim Pierce

#2 Wisconsin Badgers 2 - #1 Northeastern Huskies 1 OT

From the start this game was an exhibition of great hockey. Both teams came out flying and had great opportunities but the defense and goaltending stood tall and kept both teams blank through two periods.

The first period saw Northeastern come out strong, taking their game to the Badgers. Shots were even but it seemed like the Huskies had a slight upper hand.

The second saw the ice start to shift in Wisconsin’s favor. The Badgers were able to hold possession for longer shifts and prevent Northeastern from doing the same, like they typically do. Aerin Frankel had to stand on her head a few times to keep it scoreless entering the second intermission.

Going into the third the ice seemed fully slanted in the direction of Frankel’s net but she was able to keep the game knotted at zero until Makenna Webster stuffed a goal home with only nine minutes remaining in regulation. Basically immediately after that, and completely against the flow of play Chloe Aurard sniped the top shelf off of a beautiful Mueller feed to even the score. Wisconsin would continue to buzz but the Huskies also took some high danger shots, neither team was successful.

The overtime was short lived as Northeastern was unable to mount an effective presence in their offensive zone. In the end former Boston College Eagle banked a shot off of a Northeastern defender from behind the goal to end it in a thoroughly depressing manner for the Huskies.