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Morning Skate: Nothing doing

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NHL: Boston Bruins at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Monday! Hopefully you had yourself a decent weekend.

If you live in the greater Boston area, you were blessed with some excellent early-Spring weather this weekend. Sunday’s weather felt like May. Good times.

On the Bruins front, there’s really not much happening.

Saturday’s game was postponed, as is tomorrow’s game. The Bruins will likely return to practice at some point in the coming days, but until then, we’re all kind of just hanging out.

We’ve got an Affiliate Report coming later this morning, as Dan S. will report on another Providence win.

Up in Canada, people continue to insist that the North Division is great and should remain a thing in The Normal Times.

Elsewhere, ESPN gave mid-season grades to all 31 teams. The Bruins got a whole bunch of B’s, and I don’t think it was on purpose.

That’s about it in the hockey world. What’s on tap for you today?

Today’s highlight

The NCAA Tournament is on in the background while I put this together, and Florida Gulf Coast’s dunk-a-thon a few years back remains one of the coolest random NCAA storylines.

Today’s discussion topic

Who’s the next guy in Providence you’d like to see at the NHL level? Give me Jakub Lauko.