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Preview: Pride pursue playoff push

It is playoff time. Two wins in two games get them a trophy.

Michelle Jay

We are back in action! The Pride made the playoffs as the 4 seed and will take on the top ranked Toronto Six.

Just the facts

When: Tonight, 5:00 PM

Where: Warrior Ice Rink, Brighton, MA

How to follow: NBCSN, Twitch: NWHL channel


This will be the first action since the Lake Placid ‘Bubble’ was burst suddenly before the playoffs started. The Six were playing at the top of their game, but the Pride seem to have turned the corner and figured themselves out.

Story Lines

Second Start

The Pride came out flat in Lake Placid. It took some great play in the play in round to qualify for the playoffs the first time before they were canceled. As this now the playoffs the Pride have no room for error as the season ends with a loss.

Home Ice

While there will be no fans allowed in the building the Pride will once again play for the Isobel at Warrior. The stage is set to recreate the cancelled game between the Pride and the Whitecaps from last season.

Tone Setting

Boston needs to come out swinging. They have the goalie to win this game if their offense can perform like they are able. An early goal or two will give them the confidence that they had to start he Placid bubble when they were the odds on favorite to win.

Other Games

Minnesota White Caps v Connecticut Whale - 8:00 PM


This should be a really great game of hockey. The Six were the darlings of Placid, and Boston the preseason favorite. The Pride had an abysmal start but were able to turn it on in the nick of time. Boston should hopefully remember who they were last year and return to the Cup Final with home ice supporting them.

Pride 3 Six 1