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Preview: Pride punch ticket to Final

Winner takes all. The one year delay was exactly what Coach Mara wanted to draw up it would seem.

As tempting as it was just to run the preview from last year there have been some changes, and as much as we all would like to think the opposite the past year did happen

Just the facts

When: Tonight, 7:00 PM

Where: Warrior Ice Rink, Brighton, MA

How to follow: NBCSN, Twitch: NWHL channel

Semifinal Review

The Pride seem to have things figured out a little on offense. Last night Boston put up two goals in each period and chased a very good goalie in Elaine Chiuli. All six Pride goals were scored by different skaters which is a good sign as that was a hallmark of the past season Pride, scoring depth. Selander was a brick wall allowing only two goals, the second of which was well after the game was in hand.


Both teams looked good Friday night. Both teams have a lot of potential, and both teams have had some disappointing outings this season. It is going to be a very good game that either team could win.

Story Lines

Depth Delivers

A six goal outburst is something that always makes a coach happy. A six goal outburst from six different scorers that allow him to give his top line rest before a short turnaround trophy game will make a coach even happier. If the offense is truly back then the Pride are in good shape. This type of scoring from up and down the lineup was a hallmark of their domination last season

Deja Vu

Like we said, we’ve been here before. One year and two weeks ago these same teams were supposed to meet on the same ice with the same trophy on the line. While the rosters have changed slightly the stakes are the same.

History in the Making

A lot of history is set to be made with this game. It will mark the first time in league history that an Isobel Cup Final game will be played without the Buffalo Beauts participating. It will mark the third time the defending champion has a chance to win a second title, currently they are 0-2, as no team has won a second title. So a Boston win would give them their second but Minnesota would also add the first back-to-back title run.


I was a little of fun the scoring last night as I had higher expectations from the goalies. The ratio and winner were right though. Tonight I have to stick with the home team. No I am not trying to be cute since technically Minnesota is the ‘home’ team due to seeding, but the Pride are getting to follow their normal routines in an arena they have practiced in constantly.

A lot is going to ride on Lovisa Selander. She was impressive against the early Six onslaught and got the game to a place where Toronto had largely conceded the game. She will need to do the same again against another high powered offense.

Pride 4 Whitecaps 2