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Sunday Morning Skate: In a hole

Not the best way to start a series.

Boston Bruins v Washington Capitals - Game One Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

What’s this?!?! A weekend Morning Skate?!?!

Well folks, in the playoffs, anything can happen. Plus, I figured some people may need a place to share their takes on last night’s game.

It’s interesting: if asked to give a prediction for this series, I would have gone with Bruins in 6; even so, I was one of many people mad to see the Bruins drop a game last night.

Maybe it’s because it was the first one. Or maybe we just all like overreacting.

Anyways, the takes are already spicy after Game 1. The goalie is bad. The first line is broken. The Bruins are too soft. You know the drill.

As the saying goes, you’re never really in trouble in a series until you lose at home. If that’s the case, the Bruins have the Caps right where they want ‘em.

Today’s discussion topic

That’s right, no highlight! It’s supposed to be nice out in Boston today, take advantage.

Instead, here’s something to discuss: do you shake up the third line (or bottom six entirely) after a lackluster 5v5 performance last night?