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Morning Skate: All square

It’s now a best of five!

Boston Bruins v Washington Capitals - Game Two Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

There were two good things about last night’s game:

  • The Bruins won.
  • It ended quickly.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I do not need to start my Tuesday with eight periods of overtime hanging over my head.

(Unless that’s how long it takes for the Bruins to win, in which case...carry on.)

Anyways, we’re back at an even series, making it a best-of-five series. In that best of five, three of the five games will be in the friendly confines of TD Garden.

We’ve also got the older-people-friendly (myself included) games coming up, with 6:30 PM starts on Wednesday and Friday.

As many people predicted before this series began, there really isn’t much to separate these two teams.

We’re two games in, both of which have gone to overtime. It’s fair to say that neither of these two games was dominated by one team from start to finish.

Overall, I thought the Bruins looked better tonight as a team. The first line had more jump, the second line looked better, and the third line showed up.

It still doesn’t feel like the Bruins have played their best yet, but Capitals fans probably feel the same way.

Hey, we’ve got at least three more games to find out whose best shows up!

Today’s highlight

What else was it going to be?

Today’s discussion topic

Your most improved player from Game 1 to Game 2?