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Morning Skate: That’s more like it

Good stuff.

Washington Capitals v Boston Bruins - Game Foour Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Another weekend Morning Skate?!?!?! What is the world coming to?

Well, if the Bruins play on a Friday/Saturday, I know you fine folks are still going to have takes and still need a place to share them.

As a result, here we are!

The Bruins deserved the win they took home last night, dominating Washington in all three zones en route to a 4-1 win.

The Chowder Curse probably should have struck again last night, as the fourth line had three or four glorious chances to score a goal and rewrite some takes.

Overall, the entire team played well last night, frustrating the Capitals and cashing in on their own chances.

It wasn’t exactly a banner night for the NHL’s officials, as the Orlov overturn combined with several ticky-tack calls to make it a pretty bad night for the men in stripes.

Those games happen over the course of the playoffs, but neither team was terribly pleased with the refs last night.

Anyways, it’s Saturday. What’s on tap?

Today’s highlight

The monkey is off his back. Get that man a cold brew.

Today’s discussion topic

Charlie McAvoy: pretty good. I guess that’s not really a discussion topic, but...discuss.