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Morning Skate: Island living

Finally, a new opponent.

New York Islanders v Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

It is Thursday, folks, and we finally know who the Bruins will play in Round 2!

It’ll be those pesky New York Islanders, who gave the Bruins fits earlier in the season but kind of got squashed by the B’s after the trade deadline.

Given the up-and-down nature of the regular season series, it’s hard to know what to expect in Round 2.

What I can virtually guarantee is that Round 2 will not look like the photo accompanying this post, which shows Terry O’Reilly trying to fight a whole bunch of Islanders.

Ah, old time hockey.

Speaking of old time hockey, the Bruins have a chance to be the last road team to play an NHL game at Nassau Coliseum if they win this series (and construction finishes on time in Elmont).

NBCSN’s broadcast mentioned last night that the Coliseum is the second-oldest arena in the NHL, which surprised me, so I went to look up the oldest.

It’s Madison Square Garden, which opened in 1968, to the Coliseum’s 1972.

Having been to both arenas (and it was pre-mega renovation at MSG), I would not have guessed that MSG was older than the Coliseum.

The beauty of old hockey barns, I guess.

Today’s highlight

The Bruins’ fortunes against the Islanders shifted quite a bit after the acquisition of the guy above.

Today’s discussion topic

I guess it’s a little early, but give me your predictions for the series.