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Game 2 of the Bruins-Islanders series will be on Monday night

Memorial Day hockey!

NHL: MAY 10 Islanders at Bruins Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I don’t know why the NHL has decided to release this schedule one game at a time, but here we are.

The league announced tonight that Game 2 of the Bruins-Islanders series will be played on Monday night at 7:30.

The game will be broadcast on NBCSN in the States and SN1 and TVA up north. Poor Jack Edwards will have to do play-by-play for himself.

Most people assumed that Monday was the likely day for Game 2 given that Game 1 is Saturday, but the league decided to keep us waiting.

Why? Good question. Suspense is fun, I suppose.

Given the way things are falling, my guess (and it’s important to keep in mind that I know nothing) is that we’ll see Game 3 on Thursday and Game 4 on Saturday.

At some point, the league will choose to bless us with a full schedule. Until then, we keep wondering.

Bruins vs. Islanders schedule

  • Game 1: Saturday, May 29 - 8 PM
  • Game 2: Monday, May 31 - 7:30 PM
  • Game 3: Probably Thursday
  • Game 4: If 3 is Thursday, then Saturday
  • Game 5: Good question
  • Game 6: Maybe, or maybe not
  • Game 7: Utter chaos