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Morning Skate: Bubble wrap

Just don’t get injured.

Boston Bruins v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

The Bruins lost to the New Jersey Devils last night, 4-3 in overtime.

The single point could ultimately be a big one for the Bruins as the jockeying for seeding continues in the East Division.

However, the biggest “win” for the Bruins over these last few games of the season would be escaping without anymore injuries.

That thought immediately jumped to mind last night when Brad Marchand barreled into the end boards after tripping over Mackenzie Blackwood’s stick; fortunately, he popped up a few seconds later, but...yikes.

Speaking of the standings, the Bruins currently sit a point ahead of the New York Islanders in third place, with a game in hand. Those same Islanders lost to the Buffalo Sabres in a shootout last night.

The Bruins are two points behind the Washington Capitals, who will play the New York Rangers tonight in a game that could get pretty ugly, given what transpired on Monday evening.

I guess the take-home points here are “don’t get hurt” and “who knows what the standings are going to look like?”

Can you believe you get this kind of in-depth analysis for free?

Today’s highlight

Might as well relive a lovely Rangers highlight in advance of the next two games.

Today’s discussion topic

What do you do with the goalies down the stretch? Jaroslav Halak got back in there last night and Tuukka Rask isn’t 100%.

My gut would be just sit Rask for the rest of the regular season and let Halak share the duties with Jeremy Swayman.