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P-Bruins finish their season as Atlantic Division champions!

Their season comes to a conclusion after clinching their 2nd division title in a row

Providence Bruins flickr

With a hellacious 6-3 beating of the Hartford Wolfpack earlier today, the Providence Bruins climbed to the highest heights they were allowed to do so under their format: Atlantic Division Champions.

Last week we detailed how the Calder Cup was cancelled as a result of the ongoing [gestures at everything], and as a result their 3 team division was now in a race to win the Emile Francis Trophy. Though the P-B’s had been strong, they also had strong competition in the Wolfpack, who began surging right as the P-B’s went through a late season slump, leading to this game actually being fairly stakes heavy.

The game started with the Wolfpack going up 1-0 with a goal by Patrick Khodorenko, and then moved to the 2nd with the Wolfpack’s last meaningful goal being from Vincent LoVerde.

And then the following goals happened across the 2nd and third period, all from Providence:

  • Ian MacKinnon from Pavel Shen
  • Zach Senyshyn from Oskar Steen
  • Urho Vaakanainen short-handed from Studnicka and Sam Asselin
  • Oskar Steen from Eduards Tralmaks and Senyshyn
  • Curtis Hall from Pavel Shen
  • Sam Asselin from Studnicka and Ahcan.

Whatever happened after that (which, incidentally, was a shorthanded bid by the Wolfpack’s Alex Whelan) was mostly window dressing. Providence had this in the bag by the end of the 2nd.

This is how they lined up for the evening:

And this is how they celebrated (at least on ice):

Providence Bruins Flickr

Congrats to the P-Bruins on the division win! We hope to see you do this in the Calder Cup Final next year!

Their next season begins this october on the 15th!