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Morning Skate: Yikes


Boston Bruins v New York Islanders - Game Six Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

I think we all went into Game 6 knowing things could go wrong for the Bruins, but I’ll be honest: I didn’t think things would go that wrong.

Overall, it was a stunningly poor effort from a team that, frankly, hasn’t laid an egg like that very often.

Ultimately, of course, it doesn’t really matter if you lose 6-2 or 6-5; a loss is a loss, and the series is over.

The series certainly turned on Brandon Carlo’s injury, as the Bruins’ defense went from “flustered at times but mostly decent” to “oh my God the puck is a hand grenade” in the space of a game or two.

While the Islanders got more than their fair share of friendly bounces, the most shocking part of tonight’s game was the horrendous turnovers.

Matt Grzelcyk had two turnovers that led directly to goals. Tuukka Rask did himself no favors with a bad pass into Mike Reilly’s skates. The beat goes on.

Is this a different series with a healthy Carlo, or even a healthy Kevan Miller? Maybe. But that’s the way it goes.

We’re all on the proverbial golf course now.

Thanks for following along this season! We’ll certainly have some takes in the coming days/weeks, but don’t be surprised if it’s a bit quieter than usual for a week or so while we all decompress.