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Morning Skate: Taking time

David Krejci, Mystery Man.

NHL: JUN 07 Stanley Cup Playoffs Second Round - Islanders at Bruins Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

Yesterday, the Bruins had what will likely be their last major media availability before the 2021 Draft, with Cam Neely and Don Sweeney speaking to the press.

There were plenty of good tidbits, including:

  • Tuukka Rask intends to get surgery, fully rehab, and return to the Bruins.
  • Cam Neely acknowledging that the team should have “digested” their 2015 Draft list a bit more (yikes)
  • The team owing it to guys like Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron to take one last kick at the can.

One of the more interesting snippets, however, involved Sweeney’s comments on David Krejci, who remains an enigma.

On Krejci, Sweeney said:

“His family dynamic is important to him. He’s asked to have a little bit of time in the next few coming days to allow him, on his own, to have conversations with his family and then we’re going to sit back down and have a real honest conversation. I do believe David does want to continue to play and he’s made it pretty clear that he if he’d like to continue his career, this is the place he’d continue to play should he chose to stay at the NHL level.”

It sure sounds like Krejci is trying to determine whether or not he wants to keep playing in the NHL at all, let alone playing in Boston.

Should he decide he’s done, it’d leave a pretty sizable hole in the Bruins’ top-six. Hopefully he decides to keep playing.

Today’s highlight

Pretty good player, that Krejci.

Today’s discussion topic

I don’t know. What’s for lunch?