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Morning Skate: Final boss

The end of the NHL season is near.

NHL: FEB 12 Canadiens at Bruins Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy Monday, folks!

If you’re in the Boston area (and seemingly anywhere else in North America), it’s going to be really hot this week...temperatures will feel like close to or over 100 degrees (Fahrenheit, for you concerned Canadians) through the middle of the week.

Stay hydrated.

Anyways, enough with the weather report. The Stanley Cup Final starts tonight, with Montreal visiting Tampa Bay.

Canadiens! Lightning! Catch the fever!

It’ll be interesting to see what the TV ratings look like for this series in the United States, as this isn’t exactly a must-see match-up.

Casual fans may tune in to watch the underdog Canadiens, but it’s not exactly a riveting storyline.

I guess if nothing else, we have proof that the league doesn’t favor big-market teams, right?

Among other things, yesterday’s media sessions prior to the Final featured a Canadian columnist loudly complaining that the French answers weren’t translated into English.

Good times for all.

Anyways, what’s on tap for the week?

Today’s discussion topic

I got an email Saturday saying that a kid called Ez_Regs won the East Division in the NHL Gaming World Championships playing as the Cyber Bruins.

Hey, Go Cyber B’s.

I’m not really familiar with the e-sports scene, but it begs the question: what’s the best video game ever?

My best classic game would be Crash Bandicoot, while best recent would be Red Dead Redemption 2.