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Morning Skate: Wild one

Chaos, folks.

Boston Bruins v New York Islanders - Game Three Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

FOLKS. That was quite an evening, a real playoff game.

Through the first two periods, it looked like Tuukka Rask was going to steal a playoff game.

In the third period, it looked like Semyon Varlamov was going to steal a playoff game.

Then in overtime, it was Rask who punched back and made a few big saves, while Varlamov let in what could be viewed as a softie.

Chaos, indeed.

On the one hand, Varlamov can’t be beaten from that angle; on the other hand, I’m not sure Brad Marchand could have placed that shot better if he was able to freeze time and put the puck there by hand.

That’s hockey, I guess?

It was an OT night in the NHL, with the Hurricanes also winning in OT to cut Tampa’s series lead to 2-1.

The one concerning thing from last night (aside from the continuing terror of the fourth line) is Brandon Carlo’s health; ideally, we get some more info on that today.

What’s on tap for today and this weekend? We may have a heat wave in Boston. The Garden ice should be Slush Central on Monday night.

Today’s highlight

Why not watch it again?

Today’s discussion topic

Assume, for the sake of logic, that Carlo is out for Game 4. What do you do?

Obviously the handedness wouldn’t work, but I say play Jakub Zboril solely for THE TAKES.