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Morning Skate: Pretty cool

Yeah man.

Buffalo Sabres v New York Rangers Photo by Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images

Folks, it’s time for me to deliver some groundbreaking analysis, the kind you all pay me the big bucks to deliver:

  • Jack Eichel is from Massachusetts.
  • Jack Eichel played college hockey at Boston University.
  • Jack Eichel is going to get traded.

When you mix all of that together, you get “Jack Eichel to the Bruins” trade rumors!

Of course, such a deal is incredibly unlikely due to a number of different reasons, but that’s not going to stop the media from asking about it (especially during the summer).

During a Boston 25 Zip Trip to Chelmsford, that town’s favorite son was interviewed and, of course, asked about playing for the Bruins:

“I think every kid grows up dreaming of playing for their hometown team. Whether that happens now or later in my career...whenever, who knows, if it ever happens. It would be pretty cool.”


We also learned in the interview that Eichel is a big coffee-Oreo ice cream guy, which is a flavor I never knew I needed to try until now.

While it’d be fun to think about, my guess is that the only way Eichel ends up a Bruin is if it’s a Taylor Hall-esque late-career move where he wants to play for a contender (if the Bruins are even a contender at that point).

Still, never hurts to ask.

Today’s discussion topic

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?