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Morning Skate: Stability

Kind of.

NHL: Boston Bruins at New York Rangers Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Good Thursday morning, folks.

The sun came out in Boston yesterday, a shocking sight in this dreary start to July. We are blessed.

Yesterday also brought us sad news (Kevan Miller retiring) and good news (Brandon Carlo’s new deal).

The former is something we likely all anticipated was coming relatively soon, but the latter seems like a pretty team-friendly deal for a guy who has made strides in each of his NHL seasons to this point.

Frankly, Carlo has become borderline indispensable on the back-end: we saw the team essentially defensively collapse on itself in the Islanders series once Carlo went out with a concussion.

I’m not sure about all of you, but I was a bit surprised at the money — honestly, I thought Carlo would get more.

However, a reporter put out a Tweet (I can’t find it now) that essentially said “term” was important for both Carlo and the team.

For the Bruins, it makes sense: why not lock up a good player to a longer deal?

For Carlo, I can’t help but wonder if his concussion history was a factor.

For example, could he have held out for a higher-AAV, shorter-term deal (maybe something like two years, $6.1 million)?

Maybe, but if he were to suffer another concussion or something, he’d be leaving money on the table.

That’s purely me speculating, it should be noted; it just seems like Carlo might have left some short-term money on the table in order to have longer-term stability, something you can’t fault him for.

In any case, it’s good news for all of us!

Today’s discussion topic

It was bandied about on Twitter that Miller would make a good coach — any other current Bruins strike you as the future coach type?