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Morning Skate: Hall monitor

We’ll see!

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Washington Capitals at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, folks.

Hopefully you’ve got a decent day ahead of you and some smooth sailing into the weekend.

The Bruins gave us quite a bit of news this week, and there was plenty of additional chatter yesterday, specifically surrounding Taylor Hall.

It appears, based on several different sources, that Hall is getting close to signing an extension with the Bruins.

The money, depending on what you read, is supposedly in the $5-6 million AAV range; the years could be anywhere from 4-6. Life is a mystery.

Of course, there are always rumors and speculation, so who knows what will actually happen?

If the money and term being bandied about end up coming to fruition, however, it’d be a win for the B’s.

The Expansion Draft is just a few days away, and it’d be a little surprising to see Hall sign a new deal before then, but hey...anything is possible.

Today’s highlight

Yeah, some more of that would be just fine.

Today’s discussion topic

What’s the AAV and term on your ideal Hall deal?