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Morning Skate: Moving on

Friday is here.

NHL: FEB 05 Bruins at Flyers

Happy Friday, folks!

Your long weekend is almost here. It’s in sight. You can almost smell it.

A bit of Bruins-related news dropped yesterday, with the New England Hockey Journal first reporting that Bruins assistant coach Jay Pandolfo was leaving the team.

It’s not the first Bruins move many of us expected, and it’s definitely a bit surprising.

Pandolfo has been with the Bruins in a non-player role since 2014-2015 and has been an assistant coach for the past five seasons.

On the surface, going from an assistant coach with the Boston Bruins to an assistant coach with Boston University is a downgrade, right?

It’s a return to his old stomping grounds, sure, but...why give up being an NHL assistant to be an NCAA assistant, even if it’s at a premier program like BU?

In any case, let us speculate wildly. It’s that time of year.

We’ll get you this Skate this morning and then will be back Morning Skating on Tuesday.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Today’s discussion topic

Pandolfo is going home (in a sense), so in that spirit: what’s your alma mater?