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Morning Skate: Get Kraken

Tonight’s the night!

New NHL Franchise Seattle Kraken Open Team Store Photo by Jim Bennett/Getty Images

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

The time for speculation is almost over — the Expansion Draft is tonight!

The Seattle Kraken roster will finally take shape after months (if not years) of speculation, posturing, maneuvering, wondering, etc.

The Draft itself will air on ESPN beginning at 8 PM Eastern, with it ending (according to my channel guide, at least) at 9:30.

That seems like a decent amount of time: 90 minutes for some theatrics, interviews, and 30 player selections. At least it won’t be TOO drawn out (looking at you, NFL Draft).

We will have a Public Skate/open thread going up at 6:30 this evening to give you fine folks a place to discuss the broadcast and other shenanigans.

Along with which players they choose, I’m most interested to see how Seattle announces its picks. Supposedly it’ll involve thrown fish, Seattle celebrities, and maybe even a seaplane.

I saw someone on Twitter say they should do a Starbucks-inspired announcement where they call out a coffee for Corey and Carey Price appears. One can dream.

Anyways, after that, we’ve got a day off and then we’re right into the Entry Draft.

The offseason may not have games, but at least it isn’t boring!

Today’s discussion topic

Gut check time: which Bruin is heading to Seattle?