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Sweeney: "No timeline" on a decision from David Krejci

It's a mystery!

NHL: JUN 07 Stanley Cup Playoffs Second Round - Islanders at Bruins Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With a new deal for Taylor Hall seeming inevitable at this point, the Bruins appear close to returning their entire top six from last season...with one major exception.

David Krejci, one of the longest-tenured Bruins, is set to become a free agent for the first time in quite a while, potentially putting a big hole in the middle of that Hall line.

When the season ended, Krejci said he was going to take some time to decide what he wanted to do next season: retire, re-sign, or play elsewhere.

As of today, we're not really any closer to an answer.

"I have been in touch with David, and I’m going to respect all of his privacy and decisions in this point in time," said GM Don Sweeney at his pre-draft media availability today. "He’s got some things he wants to address...then he’ll let us know. But yes, I have been in regular communication with David, and there’s no timeline to make decisions."

Well that certainly clarifies things!

Reading between the lines, it's fair to say that it appears the B's think Krejci is trying to decide if he wants to keep playing in Boston (or at all).

One can't help but wonder if Krejci has an eye on how the Bruins handle Hall (or other additions) before signing back on; after all, at this point in his career, does he really want another season of merry-go-round wings?

Sweeney acknowledged that a season without Krejci might put the B's in a tough spot, but he also thinks the team might have players ready to step up.

"We certainly have to acknowledge that it would be a big hole if we had to fill it, but it’d be a real good opportunity for someone if we do go in that direction," he said. "We're going to have to find a way to spread things around if David makes a decision otherwise, but that hasn’t been the indication. We’re hopeful that he’ll come back. We’ll see."

The waiting game continues...