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Morning Skate: History repeats

Let’s get ahead of ourselves!

Södertälje SK Photo by City-Press via Getty images

Tuesday! Let’s do it.

If you’re in the Boston area (or the northeast, really), we’ve got some heat coming our way starting tomorrow. Stay hydrated, my friends.

Yesterday featured a couple of interesting tidbits of Bruins news, namely that Bruce Cassidy will be an assistant coach for Team Canada at the Olympics and that 2021 first-round pick Fabian Lysell is in the fold.

Lysell signed his entry-level contract yesterday, and reports indicate that he’ll be heading to Boston shortly.

On the one hand, it’s kind of a shame that he wasn’t able to make it over for the recently completed Development Camp; on the other hand, hopefully he has time to travel, check off the necessary quarantining, get settled, and be ready for training camp in a month or so.

One thing that is fun to do: jump on the hype train!

After all, last time the Bruins had an offensively dynamic first-round pick eschew playing in Sweden in order to head to the United States, it turned out OK for all parties involved.

Am I saying that Lysell is the next David Pastrnak, guaranteed? Sure, why not.

Today’s discussion topic

Should the NHL go to the Olympics, how many Olympians do you think the Bruins will have?