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David Pastrnak wins Czech Player of the Year award for the 5th time in a row

#THELEGEND has begun an unprecedented streak in Czech Hockey

Ho hum, another year, another win of the Czech player of the year award for David Pastrnak.

Pasta once again has attained the Czech National Team’s Golden Stick award for Player of the Year, his fifth since his first pickup of the Zlata Hokejka since 2017!

While he now owns the longest streak of consecutive wins, he understandably still has a while to go to catch Jaromir Jagr, in total player of the year wins (of which he has 12). One more, though, and he will be almost halfway up that particular mountain!

Also receiving votes, as always, was 2013 winner David Krejci, who usually bounces around the top five year to year. This year, he finished his season in 3rd.

All in all, not a bad group of guys for the league. Can’t help but feel like Stanislav Svozil will probably end up on that list in the not-too distant future, so it’ll be nice to see someone almost measure up to Pasta’s brilliance. Czech national team will probably do well at the olympics this year if these are the kind of guys they can call on. #Jakolev

Congrats Pasta! Let’s run it back next year for six!