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Morning Skate: Professionalism

There’s not much going on.

MLS: FC Dallas at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday has arrived, folks — the midpoint of your week is upon us.

Considering it’s currently mid-August, there’s really not a ton happening with the Bruins, so I decided to type “Bruins” in the image search tool and got the photo that accompanied this post.

That is Will Bruin, who is a soccer player for the Seattle Sounders.

Interestingly, if you were to search his name on Google, the autofill results are very hockey focused: “will bruins win stanley cup,” “will bruins play tonight,” etc.

I guess technology can only get us so far.

Anyways, considering there’s nothing happening news-wise, it got me thinking: what other sports might current Bruins (the hockey/Boston kind, not soccer kind) be good at?

Patrice Bergeron could play any sport and be a Hall of Famer, we know that.

I think Brad Marchand could probably be a good ping pong player, though I don’t know why. David Pastrnak might be pretty good at archery or some kind of Olympic shooting competition.

It’s funny, because you hear a lot in sports like baseball, football, and basketball about guys who were, for example, drafted by both MLB and NFL teams, as they were that talented (Kyler Murray comes to mind).

You don’t hear that as much about hockey players — I’m not sure why that is, as hockey players are undoubtedly great athletes. Maybe it’s because hockey requires more unique, specialized skills, as opposed to the general athleticism required by other sports?

I don’t know. You can argue about it.

Today’s discussion topic

If you were to go pro in something random (doesn’t have to be a sport), what would it be?