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Morning Skate: A new era

So long, Dave.

Nashville Predators v Boston Bruins Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Happy Monday, folks.

I’m not going to lie: when doing Friday’s Morning Skate, I did not anticipate that Monday’s Morning Skate would be talking about the departure of David Krejci, but here we are.

Krejci’s big decision was the big Bruins news of the weekend (and of the entire offseason, really), and today kicks of the beginning of the next chapter and of a whole bunch of “what now?” for the Bruins.

Still, time waits for no one, and shortly after the Bruins released Krejci’s statement, the team released its Development Camp roster, as Sky covered here.

Believe it or not, Development Camp is already upon us, with the first session kicking off this morning in Brighton.

Obviously this is overstating things to make a point, but it’s funny how that works: a longtime Bruin announces his departure on Friday, the next crop of future Bruins comes to town on a Monday.

Today’s discussion topic

We’ll go with two:

  1. In your mind, does David Krejci’s #46 get retired some day?
  2. Any youths you’re particularly interested in seeing at camp?