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Morning Skate: Mystery man


NHL: Buffalo Sabres at New York Islanders Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, folks.

Hope you all stayed safe in that wild rain we had in parts of Massachusetts yesterday — some of those flash flood photos were insane.

We should be in line for a better weather day today before remnants of another tropical storm roll through. Late summer in New England, I guess.

Anyways, this has been The Weather Minute.

If there’s one thing we love during the NHL off-season, it’s a bit of drama. It’s especially fun when it doesn’t really impact your team so you can really revel in the chaos.

Enter Jack Eichel.

Yesterday afternoon, the disgruntled Buffalo Sabres forward Tweeted for just the second time, and for the first time in almost two weeks.

His message?


(It’s also excellent that his only other Tweet is dunking on a Buffalo reporter who suggested his account was fake.)

As I mentioned, Hockey Twitter went wild with speculation. It reminds me of that time a few years back where there was all kinds of NBA free agency drama instigated by Emojis.

Anyways, the possibilities are nearly endless. Was Eichel...

  • Mad about slow service at lunch?
  • Annoyed that it was so humid?
  • Stuck in traffic?
  • Just messing with everyone?

Whatever the reason may be, I can’t help but feel bad for Sabres fans at this point.

Not only has your team been awful for years, but it’s now devolving into an online soap opera.

At least the Bills are good again.

Today’s discussion topic

What is your explanation for the Eichelmoji? Wrong answers only.