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Morning Skate: Morning train

Not our man Dave.

New York Islanders v Boston Bruins - Game Five Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

First, I appreciate the kind words on yesterday’s post. You are nice people.

Next, the Bruins remain quiet in terms of on-ice moves, as you’d expect in August, so it’s time for everyone’s favorite thing: off-ice shenanigans!

Earlier this week, the Bruins’ sole Czech Dave left on the team was all over the Internet due to his appearance at a soccer game in his native Czechia.

Look at our man David Pastrnak go!

(Link if you can’t see the embed.)

Hey, you love to see a guy supporting his team.

In this case, from my very brief research, it appears that his team is FC Banik Ostrava, a team that plays in Czechia’s top division.

Ostava is about 15 KM from Pastrnak’s hometown of Havirov, and since Havirov’s team plays in the fourth division, my guess is FC Banik Ostrava is the area’s “big” team that people support, along with their local club.

It’s worth noting that I am very much not an expert in the ins and outs of Czech soccer fandom, so please do not yell at me.

Anyways, in this case, FC Banik Ostrava was in Prague, playing Slavia Praha, the second-most successful Czech team (behind Sparta Praha).

Unfortunately for our man Dave, FC Banik Ostrava lost, 4-0.

Still, it looks like he had a nice time.

Today’s highlight

Soccer hooligans always make me think of Euro Trip.

Today’s discussion topic

You all clearly like the Bruins, that’s why you’re here — but who would you consider your second-favorite team?