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Morning Skate: Big fella

A new face in Providence, so that’s cool.

the Toronto Maple Leafs hold their annual Blue versus White inter-squad game Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Thursday is upon us, and with it comes some minor (literally) Bruins news from Wednesday evening:

Justin Brazeau is a big fella. Hulking, indeed: per Elite Prospects, Brazeau is 6’ 5”, 220 pounds.

As Mark Divver mentioned in the Tweet above, Brazeau had himself a monster season as an overage player in the OHL, putting up 113 points in 68 games — that 113 points included 61 goals.


As many of us know around here, OHL firepower doesn’t always translate at the professional level, and if skating is your weakness, you’re going to have a tough time.

Still, Brazeau had good numbers at the ECHL level (55 points in 57 games) and scored four goals in 21 AHL games last season.

Plus, he’s getting poached from the Leafs organization, so that’s always a good thing.

Maybe the Bruins can help him improve his skating and take his game to the next level. If not, a little size at the AHL/ECHL level is never a bad thing.

Today’s discussion topic

Many of you fine folks misunderstood yesterday’s discussion topic, but I will accept the blame.

The question was (due to David Pastrnak showing his soccer fandom) what are your other favorite teams, outside of hockey?

I don’t want to assume you’re all Boston sports people.