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Morning Skate: Down time

It should be a quiet one.

Turk Broda In Action

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

Now folks, it is not a good idea to make any guarantees in the wide world of spots, but I am fairly confident in the following statement: this Wednesday should be quieter in Bruins Land than last Wednesday.

If your short-term memory fails you, last Wednesday marked the beginning of free agency, when the Bruins signed 34 players and spent $3.2 billion.

This Wednesday...well, there’s still development camp stuff happening. That camp has been unfolding as expected, with no real surprises.

Other than that, we all continue to wonder if the Bruins have another move up their sleeves and dread the fact that the sun is going to start setting before 8 PM in Boston.


One more interesting note from development camp has been the presence of former Bruin Adam McQuaid, who has been on the ice helping out.

McQuaid doesn’t have an actual job with the Bruins, but it seems the team is committed to finding one for him.

He’d be a good fit as some kind of coach/player development person.

ADDITION: This Krejci announcement for HC Olomouc rules:

Today’s discussion topic

On Twitter today, Scott McLaughlin spoke into existence the idea of a Taylor Hall, Curtis Hall, and Erik Haula trio - the Hall-Hall-Haula line.

Make the best Bruins line possible using players whose last names start with the same letter — forwards only.

I could rock with a Bucyk - Bergeron - Boyes line...