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Morning Skate: Anti-pasta

One serious dude.

NHL: DEC 07 Avalanche at Bruins Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Thursday! And a rainy one in the Boston area.

It sure has been a rainy summer out in these parts.

Good for the plants.

Anyways, things remain quiet on the Bruins front, with Development Camp wrapping up tomorrow.

(I thought today was originally Friday when I wrote this .)

Elsewhere in Boston hockey news, the Pride released their roster yesterday, and our man Nathan will have you covered with some insight into the new squad later today.

We’ve also got Jake DeBrusk’s player rating post coming up today, which I’m sure will not generate much discussion at all.

In the hockey world, Nathan MacKinnon was the talk of hockey Twitter earlier this week after someone posted a transcript of an interview given in Russia by Nikita Zadorov.

In case you’re a sane person who doesn’t have Twitter:

I don’t know about you fine folks — I can respect commitment and dedication, but I draw the line at swapping out the regular pasta for chickpea pasta.

That simply can’t be allowed.

(Also, these antics seem like the epitome of “this works when the team is winning but will get old fast if the team struggles.” Hard for teammates to get ripped on for a practice pass and fed chickpea pasta when you’re a .500 team.)

Today’s discussion topic

Your take on MacKinnon — a guy leading by example, or a guy taking it a little too far?