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Morning Skate: Here come the kids

It’s rookie camp!


It is Wednesday, my dudes.

And it’s a special Wednesday at that: rookie camp kicks off today!

Assorted youths will take to the ice at Warrior Arena shortly after 11 AM this morning, and with that, we can only hope that LYSELLMANIA begins in full force.

In other news, the Bruins appeared to have another captain’s practice on Tuesday, and the team shared photos of a few more new faces:

Bort bort bort bort!

This Tweet provided me with a lot of entertainment, as the Bruins tagged the featured players’ Twitter accounts.

This led to my discovering that Linus Ullmark:

  • Has the Twitter handle @icebeardude
  • Has the Twitter bio “Swedish guy that loves esport but stopping pucks on a daily basis for the Boston Bruins. My tweets are my own.”

I’m not sure that it tops “nice guy, tries hard, loves the game,” but “Swedish guy that loves esport” is pretty great.

Those Scandinavian goalies...they’re all quite characters.

Today’s discussion topic

Norm Macdonald passed away yesterday, which sucks. He was one of my favorite comedians.

Who’s your favorite comedian of all time?