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Morning Skate: A horse with no name

That’s a good song.

2016 NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7 Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

Okay, just to explain the headline: I was trying to come up with something related to the desert, but “deserter” seemed too harsh.

I landed on “a horse with no name” because that song has the desert in it and is a great song.

Moving on...

Yesterday was a busy day for the B’s, both in the front office and on the ice.

The first bit of news was that John Ferguson, Jr. is leaving the organization to be the Arizona Coyotes’ assistant GM. Ferguson has been in a few different roles with the B’s over the past seven years, mostly in player personnel positions.

Best of luck to him in Arizona...he’s going to need it.

Elsewhere, the Young Bruins were on the ice at Warrior yesterday, preparing for this weekend’s rookie tournament in Buffalo.

The highlight of the day was the commencement of LYSELLMANIA, as the young Swede was present and accounted for.

In an article on the Bruins’ website, Lysell mentioned, among other things, that he knows he needs to get better in a number of areas, that he’s eager to learn, etc.

Interesting for a kid that supposedly has “attitude issues,” eh?

In terms of his immediate future, Lysell is keeping his options open. From the article linked above:

“It’s not really 100 percent where I’m going to play. I feel like I have some options that are great,” said Lysell. “I’ve been in Vancouver for two days and I was visiting the team I was drafted by there, the Giants in the WHL. I think that’s an option for me.”

Hey, the Bruins have had some decent luck with forwards from the Vancouver Giants.

Today’s discussion topic

Lysell wore #68 at camp today. Next Jagr confirmed.

I guess that’s not really a discussion topic, so...pumpkin-flavored everything: are you on board, or no?

I don’t really like it.