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Game Notes from the Prospect Challenge!

The prospect challenge is over. Who impressed?

Boston Bruins Development Camp

Saturday, 5-2 victory over Buffalo:

  • Jakub Lauko will have a good fight for a job this preseason. I don’t think he’s gonna actually get it thanks to the winger depth of this team, but man he plays like he’s got something to lose and that’s just fantastic.
  • Speaking of which, his tag-team partner on the power play Jack Ahcan is a very pretty puckhandler, gave the Sabres fits whenever he had it and often drew two players at a time to him because his passes were just that good. Bringing him and Lauko together on the power play turned it into a massive anxiety attack for Buffalo.
  • Lysell is a smooth skater. Just smooth like butter. He didn’t see much of the first period thanks to both teams taking half the period off to do Penalty Kill-Power play drills, but he established himself more throughout the next two periods.
  • Oskar Steen is a major pain in the ass just in how hard and quick he plays, frustrated a lot of the Sabres he came across by trying to make a play, and then often succeeding in making it. Helps that he also mixed it up when he was asked to, zero fear on this swollen legged swede.
  • Keyser’s first goal was a tip-in, and promptly that became the only way the Sabres were getting past him. Just a solid effort from him.
  • Nick Wolff had himself a very...chaotic game. Played otherwise okay, but the dude just couldn’t stop taking penalties. Playing big doesn’t always mean playing dumb, young man. Gotta keep the win in mind at all times.
  • Brett Harrison getting a goal for his childhood team is a feeling nothing could ever match. It’s what so many of us dreamed of when we were kids and he got to do it. Even if this is the last game he ever plays with that specific sweater on, he’s king of the world. Good for him.
  • Lmao that over the glass penalty in period one.
  • Without getting too mean, I think that whoever was calling tonight’s contest should highly consider preparing a little more, because I was quickly just listening to anything to distract myself from how poorly they covered it.
  • Goalscorers were Jesper Frodin and Samuel Asselin, both getting in tight to score their goals.
  • JJ Peterka is someone to keep an eye on when the Sabres inevitably trade him for magic beans in the next two years.

Sunday vs. New Jersey in a 4-3 Loss:

  • Jesper Froden came to this prospect challenge from Skellefteå, and he has made the most of his time so far. Being 27 means he’s probably a long-shot from being a big boy Boston Bruin, but I think he’ll be a phenominal Providence Bruin this season! Two goals for him tonight.
  • Also Lysell got a much better look than yesterday. Played like a demon on the man advantage where he had a point on every tally the Bruins made today. Just look at this kid move. He’ll be headed to the Vancouver Giants in the WHL this season for further development.
  • Lauko finally got his goal he’s been hunting for, but just too late. It stinks too, because he could’ve had a better shot at more. Played just as involved as last game.
  • Of course, it’s hard to score if you need power plays to generate all your offense. Eventually you have to score at evens, and that was the difference for the Devils in this game.
  • Utterly baffling that the Devils are still finding a way to bamboozle the Boston Bruins. EVEN AT THIS LEVEL!
  • Although getting mad that you had to drop a game to Nolan Foote and Dawson Mercer feels like the wrong play. That Devils top line was dangerous whenever they hit the ice.
  • If you’re gonna fight, please make sure the ring is clear before you do, it makes you look silly when you’re tripping over sticks.
  • Preseason starts next Sunday at 5pm on the 26th, where the Preseason B’s take on the Capitals. That game will only be available via radio for the time being as NESN has yet to release it’s schedule for games.

Players of the Prospect Challenge

  • Jesper Froden

Dude simply couldn’t stop scoring. Playing with some of the most interesting talent the Bruins have right now on the man-advantage had to be helpful, but he played like he wanted to belong, and he did just that.

  • Fabian Lysell

While he wasn’t able to get much out of game one, game two was where he really shined. Skated like he had something to prove, and made gorgeous plays when he wasn’t waiting for PKs to finish. WHL live or whatever equivalent service they have out there in western canada should be appointment viewing for Vancouver Giants games.

  • Jakub Lauko

I really wish he had more than the one goal this challenge. He’s such a fun little skater to watch, and when paired with Jack Ahcan on the power play, he made defenses sweat. I hope he has a good camp.

  • Jack Ahcan

While small, Ahcan’s lack of fear made him a vital ally in getting anything done offensively for the Baby B’s. He skated well, QB’d the power play, and even threw a hit here or there! I hope he also has a good camp.

  • Oskar Steen

Oskar Steen must be one of the biggest pains in the ass to play against. Dude just can’t help himself from trying to start trouble whenever he’s out there. He can also cycle and shoot the puck in a way that made a lot of these young boys look foolish. A pity he couldn’t get a goal, but he showed his worth. See you at camp!

  • Kyle Keyser

The goaltending situation in Boston suddenly became a massive logjam over the summer, so he’s probably going for the starting job in Providence this season. I for one expect great things from this young netminder because he is a tough beat. Combine that with B’s commitment to net-front D, and I expect he’ll be hunting for the Calder this season in the AHL

A good prospect challenge all around, now let’s immediately forget about all this, and get ready for PRESEASON!