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Morning Skate: Ka-ching

Retro is back!

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Anaheim Ducks v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Norm Hall/NHLI via Getty Images

Hey, it’s Tuesday. That’s pretty cool.

Things are fairly quiet around the NHL in the run-up to the opening of training camps and the first preseason games.

You wouldn’t really expect a ton of roster moves and other stuff at this point anyways, as teams settle in for the long haul.

Bits and pieces of Bruins news are floating about: the B’s are 100% vaccinated. Fabian Lysell is likely playing in the WHL next season. David Krejci is scoring 100 goals per game in Czechia.

But one of the cooler items of NHL news from yesterday involved everyone’s favorite franchise, the Arizona Coyotes.

Yes, the fabled Coyotes, who haven’t really been able to get out of their own way for the better part of a decade, were in the news for a positive reason: they’re rebranding!

Normally, that’s boring. But if you’re a fan of hockey jerseys, it’s exciting news, because the Coyotes are bringing back the Kachina look full time.

This is just one man’s humble opinion, but the white Kachina jersey is awesome.

I hope this also means that they bring back the vaguely Crash Bandicoot-looking alternate from a while back too.

If nothing else, you can’t fault the Coyotes for trying to get themselves back on the map in a more “team that non-hockey fans like because of the logo” way.

Teams across the sporting world have done that with good success, so now it’s Arizona’s turn to give it a whirl.

Now, if only they can figure out that whole “paying the players” thing...

Favorite sports jersey of all time - not just logo, but full jersey.

I’m partial to the Chicago Cubs’ home look, but I’m not sure it’s my absolute favorite.

If you’d prefer to keep that opinion private, then Coyotes’ Kachina: yay or nay?