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Morning Skate: First day of school


NHL Player Media Tour Photo by Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

Get out your binder and sharpen those pencils, it’s time for the first day of class!

The Bruins open training camp today, with about 500 guys hitting the ice at Warrior Arena this morning.

Training camp is always a little chaotic, especially at the beginning. It’s a weird mix of NHL regulars, rookies, fringe guys, and guys looking to leave their mark.

Additionally, after a few practices, the group gets split in two, with some guys playing in preseason games and others practicing, then switching.

Ideally, you want to see the big name guys shake off the rust and get ready for the regular season without anyone getting dinged up.

I wonder if it’s hard for the coaching staff to remember everyone’s names?

Anyways, the photo of Charlie McAvoy that accompanies this post just reminded me of a “school picture day” photo.

Hopefully his mom ordered plenty of wallet-sized copies. They will be worth a fortune when he wins the Norris Trophy this season.

Today’s discussion topic

Training camp is here. Let us rejoice. That’s all.