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Bruins vs. Caps 9/26/21 PRESEASON GAMETHREAD

For the first time of the 2021 season...GET IN HERE

Boston Bruins Practice Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Whew! New comment system, new season, new goalies, new players, new us. Preseason is here.

The Roster is as thus:

DeBrusk – Haula (A) – Froden

Blidh – Fogarty – Wagner (A)

Lauko – Steen – Lysell

Filipe – C. Hall – Kuhlman

Zboril – Moore (A)

Vaakanainen – Lewington

Ahcan – Clifton



I would move the Steen line entirely up a line, and drop Moore onto the third pair, but that’s just me.

So tell me, now that it’s almost october...

...What’s on tap?