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Adidas announce that the entire NHL will be wearing new jerseys with half-recycled materials, little cosmetic changes

The Black and Gold join up in the cause to preserve their environment.

Boston Bruins Headshots 2021-2022 Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

My first ever actual writer-type post on SCoC was about Adidas winning the NHL rights from...itself, technically. Adidas, surely realizing this, decided that it was time for some news to break out to commemorate it. I appreciate their concern.

The Boston Bruins and Adidas Hockey announced today that the NHL will be switching from their previous model of sweater to what Adidas refers to as their PrimeGreen series, which will be made from 50% recycled plastic material.

Adidas has been trying to at the very least pay lip service to the concept of going greener in the textile market with their “End Plastic Waste” clothing, all of whom use recycled polyester or plastic pulled up from the ocean.

And here’s the photo in full for those who don’t want to squint.

And before you complain about the colors, please understand that this thing was hanging up in a photography studio with a big honking light in front if it. It doesn’t look like that during games.
Adidas and the Boston Bruins

Adidas will also be adding a layer of dimensional embroidery to the chest and shoulder crests (if they have them) of each team, giving them a little extra “pop”, as it were. This means that the ones currently being worn in preseason have these little touches. Each patch on the shoulders will also have a tackle-twill stitch to give it that little extra reminder that these used to be sweaters knit by the sewing club of Revere, 19-dickety-nine.

For the Bruins, it appears this detail was added to the gold outline on the hub of the “B”, to make it stand out some more. Previously, this was actually indented into the crest. I think it’s a neat little detail, and extremely ignorable otherwise. The Shoulder patches meanwhile have become actual “Patches” again with this style of embroidery, as previous patches were like solid printed fabric.

Boston Bruins Headshots 2021-2022 Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Ironically, this now means people with knockoff sweaters suddenly have more accurate sweaters than those of people who have the Reebok sweaters, because it’s a common choice for manufacturers abroad to use individually stitched shoulder patches (at least on B’s sweaters) with a moderately similar style.

Your sweater foul has been...made less worse, congratulations.

As for the fit, it appears it will be the same as the previous sweater design from Adidas. While some will obviously still hold a candle for the older, thicker cloth of yesteryear, the Adidas ones certainly don’t seem to be collecting dust in the ProShop’s shelves. I think for the most part any issues you might’ve had with the last couple of years of Adidas sweaters will be the same as they were.

Of course...there’s also now the big thing everybody’s worried about, but it seems for the time being, the Bruins do not appear not be participating in the great adpocalypse for right now. These new sweaters will be at the ProShop and on the Fanatics store come the regular season.

So get ‘em while they don’t have an ad on ‘em.


What do you think of the new PrimeGreen sweaters?

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