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Morning Skate: Changing seasons

It’s almost fall.

Fall Colours at Stowe, Vermont, USA Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images

Well folks, it’s the Friday before Labor Day. You know what that means: summer is unofficially over.

If you have school-age kids, it’s likely that your summer is already over, as many kids (in Massachusetts at least) returned to school earlier this week.

I refuse to let go of summer until it’s officially over, but it’s hard to argue that you can feel the seasons changing.

There are some good things about fall, of course (apple cider donuts, hockey is back, assorted foliage-related things). But there are bad things too (colder, starts getting dark at 1 PM).

It’s a mixed bag, I guess is the take-home point here.

Hopefully we still have some nice summer weather left before the calendar officially turns.

Anyways, what’s on tap for this holiday weekend?

Today’s discussion topic

Who’s your pick for a dark horse team this coming NHL season?

I think the Flyers will be better than expected.