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Tuukka Rask signs one year, one million dollar contract with the Bruins

The wait is over!

Boston Bruins v New York Islanders - Game Six Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

You can hear it in the air, can't you?

A low hum. A quiet din.

Born from years of thankless service to the Bruins. Quieted for a few months, only to swell back up again.


Yes, the Tuukka Rask saga is at last at an end as the Bruins announced today that Tuukka Rask has signed for a one year, one million dollar contract.

Rask had previously been out with a Labrum Tear he was infamously playing on, and for a good long while he was as unofficially signed with the B's as you can get, signing a PTO recently to play with Providence...before several games in the AHL got canned. Whoops. So now we're here!

Rask's career is as storied as the reactions to his play, but one thing he generally has been is consistent, and months of rehabbing will likely mean he's more than raring to go to get back to the usual. For a goaltending group that's worked hard but still has some flaws to it, it could be a massive boon to have someone like Rask around.

Regardless, welcome back, Tuukka!

A breakdown of the financials: