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NHL adds six games to Boston’s previous olympic break

Hope you like Metropolitan teams and also Ottawa

Bruins vs Rangers Staff Photo By Stuart Cahill/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

The NHL pulling out of the Olympics, combined with The Thing What Made The Earth Sad, has wreaked havoc on the schedule so far, and the NHL is now doing whatever it can to make some kind of sense of things, starting with 6 games added over what was once a two week break in the middle of February

  • Feb 8th vs. Pittsburgh, 7pm
  • Feb 10th vs. Carolina, 7pm
  • Feb 12th @ Ottawa, 12:30pm
  • Feb 15 @ NYR, 7pm
  • Feb 17 @ NYI, 7:30pm
  • Feb 19 @ Ottawa...Again, 7pm

Given that both of these weekends end in an Ottawa game, I would like to revisit my initial idea of the Bruins attending these games in plastic bubbles so that the Sens COVID problems can stay that; Ottawa’s problem.

But yeah, as we head into the All-Star Break, we should prepare for a tight two weeks and a non-zero chance of the end of February featuring some tired legs, as the B’s still have that Pacific Road Trip™ to contend with afterwards.

We of course, will be covering both the Olympics and these games because we know that the chance to see David Krejci, Peter Cehlarik and Patrice Bergeron in one week is too good to pass up for you SCoC folks.

Mark your calendars, more hockey is on the way!