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Willie O’Ree to receive Congressional Medal of Freedom

#22 in Black and Gold will be receiving a little extra gold!

NHL All-Star Weekend

While the B’s honored Willie’s legacy by pitching one of the most flat efforts seen to date this season, they’ve done their part to ensure he’s enshrined in the hallowed halls of history; his number’s been retired, his name emblazons a rink in Allston, he’s been treated like royalty, and local MA congressman Ayanna Pressley put forward a bill to get him the highest honor that the US Congress can give; the Congressional Gold Medal. As it’s want to do, it will usually take a bit for such things to get through it...

...but today, the news came, and it was good.

President Biden signed the act, and it will be made official. Willie O’Ree will be honored by the US for his breaking of the color barrier in hockey. An honor that men like Dr. Martin Luther King and Jackie Robinson share. Of course, Willie will continue his work of inspiring the next generation to play the sport as he always has, but now, he’ll be doing so not just as a hero of the game, but a hero of the country as well.

...Not bad for a kid from New Brunswick, huh? Congratulations to Willie for receiving this incredible honor!

PS: I will be watching this thread like a hawk, don’t start shit.