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Calgary Flames v Boston Bruins Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Happy Season’s Eve, folks!

The Bruins will begin their rampage to the 2023 Stanley Cup tomorrow night in our nation’s capital, running roughshod over the entire NHL in the process.

Buckle up, the ride’s almost ready to begin. Just think - a mere 48ish hours from now, we’ll all be able to argue about the previous night’s line combinations, ice times, etc.

The B’s had their Media Day yesterday before hopping on a plane and heading to DC to prepare for Wednesday’s game against the Washington Capitals.

Once the puck drops on this season, the B’s face a relatively busy start to the campaign: four games in seven days, with road games in two nations’ capitals (DC and Ottawa) sandwiching home games against Arizona and Florida.

I feel like it’s better to start the season busy (especially with new faces in the mix) but then again, I’m not the one on planes, trains, and automobiles traveling to hockey games across the region.

I guess we’ll see!

Today’s discussion topic

This is the last Morning Skate of the offseason! I don’t have much to say, but thanks for sticking with us through the boring times.

Other than that...discuss.