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Morning Skate: Firepower

Lots of goals.

Boston Bruins v Ottawa Senators Photo by Chris Tanouye/Freestyle Photo/Getty Images

Well folks, you can’t win ‘em all, right?

The B’s wound up with their first loss of the young season last night, a wild 7-5 affair against the Senators in Ottawa.

I apologize for the lack of formal recap, but the five-month-old tyrant living in my house made sure computer access was not happening.

(That, and it’s hard to quickly recap a 12-goal affair.)

Obviously any loss is not ideal, but you could have seen a struggle coming, considering the B’s played the night before and were coming into a juiced-up Ottawa home opener.

The running around and in-zone lapses are a bit concerning, but there were some positives too: another goal for AJ Greer, another three-point night for David Pastrnak, some resilience to fight back against deficits.

I suppose the point here is that much like we shouldn’t have manned the Duck Boats after a 3-0 start, we probably shouldn’t abandon ship after a loss.

Of course, that’s not always fun, so feel free to panic if you’d like!

Today’s discussion topic

Feel free to use this as a day-after recap space — if you missed the game, you can check on the highlights in a cool, Instagram-story style format here.