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Pooh is officially back as Bruins unveil their Reverse Retro jerseys

Team Pooh wins in the end.


The day we've all yearned for has finally arrived: Pooh is back.

Some further details:

From the NHL and Adidas explanation on the design itself:

This jersey spotlights the Bruins 1995 “Third” uniform that was originally gold, this time around remixed in an athletic bright white.

Legend has it that the image of the Bruin was taken from a painting of a bear hanging on the wall of a team executive. This is why it looks more like a painting than a sharp-edged and clean-lined logo.

Overall, I think it's about the best we could have hoped for in regard to Pooh's return.

I would have preferred the original gold, but they were never going to trot out the exact same jersey.

The inclusion of the original sublimated-looking jagged edges, plus the shoulder patches and name/number fonts, make it feel authentically nostalgic.

It's also nice to see the team willing to have a little fun by bringing Pooh back, as opposed to sticking with the older, somewhat stodgy, "look how historic we are" vintage logos.

Welcome back, Pooh. We've missed you.

For those who are curious, here are the rest of the looks:

Most of these are pretty sweet, with the exception of Montreal, Detroit, Winnipeg, Anaheim, and Carolina...those ones are kind of boring.

Nice to see some classics like the Senator head, robo Penguin, fisherman, and Lady Liberty back in the mix.

The B's announced the schedule for these jerseys earlier this afternoon:

Monday, Nov. 7 – St. Louis Blues, 7 PM

Saturday, Nov. 19 – Chicago Blackhawks, 7 PM

Friday, Nov. 25 – Carolina Hurricanes, 1 PM

Tuesday, Nov. 29 – Tampa Bay Lightning, 7 PM

Saturday, Dec. 3 – Colorado Avalanche, 7 PM

Saturday, Dec. 31 – Buffalo Sabres, 1 PM

Given that several of the teams above also have white Reverse Retros, it's fair to assume that these won't all be Pooh vs. Reverse Retro jersey matchups.

Here's a look at one with the Rapid7 as, featuring Model Marchand (presumably wearing a dummy model since it looks like the number is 22):