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Bruins trade Jack Studnicka for Jonathan Myrenburg and Michael DiPietro from the Vancouver Canucks

In the middle of a game, no less!

St. Louis Blues v Vancouver Canucks
A whole new perspective is coming for this young man


In the middle of the Bruins welcoming back Brad Marchand from injury, potentially losing David Krejci to injury, and an absolute bludgeoning of the Red Wings, it seems Don Sweeney’s been hard at work getting in touch with Jim Rutherford of the Vancouver Canucks, and made a trade mid-game.

Studnicka has had a rough go of it since his drafting: Having excelled at pretty much every level he’s played at since junior...with noted exception of the NHL, where he’s had strong pushes for the roster, but has never been able to make it stick. It’s been true since Bruce was in town, and it’s still true now that Monty is the coach. It’s a shame for him, since you got the impression he liked being a Bruin, but he’s unquestionably going to get more ice-time playing for Vancouver than he ever was for Boston, who’s forward corps seems to have a very specific shortlist at this point.

We wish him well in Vancouver.

Meanwhile, let’s get up to speed on the players they got back:

Jonathan Myrenburg - RHD

Myrenburg is a swedish prospect out of the Linkoping club, on loan to Mora IK in the HockeyAllsvenskan (for those who need a reminder, the HockeyAllsvenskan is the 2nd tier on the Swedish hockey pyramid), and was at one point the Canucks’ #1 Right-hand-shot Defenseman in their pipeline up until...right about nowish!

Myrenburg spent 2021 being a force at the J20 level of the game, bringing some solid skating and strong offensive capability to Linkoping’s junior squad, bringing a tidy 31 points in 35 games. At the Allsvenskan level with Mora, he’s currently working with three points in nine games, which is pretty good, considering he’s tied for the second youngest player on Mora at 19.

While a long shot admittedly, he’s rocketed up a lot of Canucks outlet’s prospect boards; with Nucks Misconduct having him show up at 16th on their top 25 under 25.

Michael DiPietro - G

DiPietro has a classic story for many elite goalies in Junior:

Sometimes the defenses at the AHL/NHL level around you aren’t any better than the kids you were playing with in Fartensville Quebec or Moose Taint, Ontario. And that’s sort of been his story since entering the pros: The Utica Comets/Abbotsford Canucks have been a rough team to play for since 2018 and his play has reflected it: going from a near-career .920 to around .900 at the AHL level, with some very forgettable performances in the three or four games he’s played in the NHL. Further, it begs the question as to what exactly they’re gonna do with Mikey, since the goaltending position in the Bruins org is locked down tight all the way from Providence to Maine.

But! He’s otherwise a serviceable young man whose pedigree is pretty strong, and a number of Canucks-watchers are very unhappy with the way his time in BC has gone, and for good reason:

If Boston wants to help this kid pump up his value and find space in the league or in a better AHL environment, he’s gonna need to get into some games quick. I think Providence plays tomorrow night at the Not-Dunk (I know it’s called something else but It’s the Dunkin Donuts Center to me. It always will be.). Wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to see what he’s got.

And of course, the Bruins still have contract shenanigans to perform, what with Charlie McAvoy due to come back in the very near future, there’s a good chance one or both could be joining new clubs by American Thanksgiving.

Regardless, let’s all give a hearty welcome to Jonathan and Michael to the Boston Bruins!