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Rasmussen suspended two games for high sticking David Krejci


NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Boston Bruins Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE (5:00 PM): Rasmussen has been suspended two games for the high stick.

After hitting David Krejci up high last night and causing him to leave the game, Detroit’s Michael Rasmussen will face league discipline today:

It seems unlikely that this hearing will lead to any sort of big punishment, but you never know with the NHL.

(I’d guess the “maximum allowable fine” type deal comes into play here, but since there’s an actual hearing, he may get a game.)

The play in question:

We could spend hours analyzing this clip like the Zapruder Film, but it seems like Rasmussen is being called to the carpet for the follow-through chop toward Krejci’s head.

That doesn’t appear to be the part that injured the Bruins center, however; it could be Krejci’s wrist, arm, or, as some of you speculated in the comments, ribs.

The fact that he dropped his stick and then held his left arm between his knees makes me wonder if it isn’t is wrist, but he wasn't wrapped/casted/anything leaving the game, so...who knows.

Some have also speculated that there may have been a butt-end from Rasmussen on the initial contact.

Hard to say! In any case, Rasmussen will be facing a lighter wallet, while we all hope that whatever had Krejci shaken up isn’t a long-term thing.