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Bruins announce latest round of training camp cuts

Some to Providence, some to the waiver wire.

New York Rangers v Boston Bruins Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

With just two preseason games to go, the Bruins still have plenty of roster moves to make before they slim things down to Opening Night size.

They took another step in that direction this afternoon, releasing six skaters from training camp.

The cuts:

  • Oskar Steen
  • Mike Callahan
  • Connor Carrick
  • Nick Wolff
  • Victor Berglund
  • Kai Wissmann

Berglund, Callahan, and Wissmann have been directly assigned to Providence, where they’ll join P-Bruins camp already in progress.

Steen, Carrick, and Wolff all require waivers in order to be sent to Providence, so they’ll spend the next day(ish) on the wire, available to be claimed by any team.

For the most part, none of these six guys was expected to be on the Bruins’ Opening Night roster, so there aren’t really any surprises here.

Steen is one guy who people may have hoped would stick around, but given the strong performances of guys like Marc McLaughlin, John Beecher, and AJ Greer, the bottom-six place that may have suited Steen simply isn’t there.

There also may be some logic to trying to sneak Steen through the waiver wire now, when many teams still have cuts of their own to make and may be less likely to claim him.