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Bruins put Foligno, Reilly, Wagner on Waivers

The Roster is looking like it’s come into form now.

Boston Bruins v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

The Bruins announced further roster maneuvers today, which included some names people are gonna know:

Mike Reilly, Chris Wagner, and Nick Foligno. All on Waivers. Reilly and Foligno were definitely the big eyebrow raisers given their contracts, but I guess Coach Monty and the organization felt this was the best way to go for them.

Oh, and before you celebrate: there’s a non-zero chance they clear and are called up before Wednesday evening. This could very well be a cap decision that, if it pays off, will allow them the kind of space they didn’t have before. It’s somewhat risky, however; Reilly hasn’t had the best preseason but the reality is they kind of need any half-decent talent on defense if they want to survive the opening few months of Bruins hockey, and Reilly is at least in that ballpark. If they lose him...that could be trouble.

But if not...The Bruins, with these moves, seem to have made their peace with getting some younger blood into the lineup, by force if necessary. It’s a bold play for Don Sweeney.

We’ll see if they clear.