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Bruins Winter Classic sweater leaks several days early, features “Meth Bear”

The Winter Classic sweaters appear to have come a little earlier than anticipated!

Anonymous Tipster,

The Winter Classic is the New Year’s...ish day tradition that anyone can get behind, and with it returning to Fenway the anticipation for the sweater reveal set for Black Friday.

...Or, as some retailer in Canada decided, today was in fact good enough.

The site Uni-Watch got a very spicy tip from an anonymous buyer who found the Bruins Winter Classic sweater for the upcoming contest, which features prominently the bearhead that was used on the shoulder of the B’s uniform from the 1980s now emblazoned as the front crest, with BOSTON written atop it in the same manner one might do for a University squad, complete with tackle-twill design to give it a form of authenticity of an older sweater. As is most of the Adidas lineup, it appears to be made with recycled materials, and features an inner lining that mimicks the scoreboard of the Green Monster.

It there. I really don’t know how I feel about the shoulder yoke being gold. Without the numbering on it I feel like as a sweater it’s kind of...I dunno, present? It doesn’t really strike me as a particularly striking or interesting design. Nostalgia for a logo Ray Bourque wore on his shoulder isn’t gonna affect me the same way someone older than me might, so to me it just looks like something you could have done for your buddies at AthleticKnit and have done with it.

I’m just gonna say it: it feels like the Reverse Retro got more care and work added to it, and I’d prefer them to wear that over this.

But that’s just me! I freely admit my brainworms of celebrating such a sweater, so if you like it, more power to you.

But now I turn it out to you guys, what are your thoughts?


What do you think of the 2023 Winter Classic sweater?

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    I don’t like it, b0ss.
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    I am ambivalent to the sweater, b0ss.
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